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100% European Boxers from health tested correct conformation lineages. Our veterinarian Specialists over sees our breeding program & examinations our boxers before each breeding is done. We believe in selective breeding to only produce genetically healthy correct conformation puppies with a gentle / calm disposition & Excellent health.

​Our Foundation males & Females were selectively picked & Imported from quality Old World, Reputable Breeders from Europe for their correct conformation, proven pedigrees, & complete health testing for excellent Hips/Elbows - Negative & clear from Dysplasia, Clear from spondylosis, DM, & ARVC - negative, Echocardiogram / Doppler - clear from heart disease, Full Kidney Panel UPCR & SDMA - normal, clear from kidney disease. We continue health testing with our males & females to ensure to only produce healthy puppies for families, & we are proud to stand behind our litters with a 3 year health guarantee for Hips/Elbows, & life threatening genetic defects.

​We are very selective in our breeding program & work side by side with our veterinarian  specialists to produce a healthy genetic foundation for our puppies that have a correct conformation, & a Gentle / Calm Temperament for families of all ages. Our males & Females are generically cleared through extensive health testing to only produce healthy litters for longevity!



How Majestic DiafanoAngel  Was Born & Our Mission


In May 28, 2018 I purchased a boxer puppy (Baxter)  from a backyard breeder. Back then I was  not knowledgeable on the health issues boxers are prone to, & what I should have been looking for when purchasing a boxer. I've always had a special love for boxers, it was love at first sight with Baxter. He peed on my shoe while looking up at me, it was all over, I knew he was the one, he had melted my heart.


Baxter was very ill since he was 6 weeks old when I brought him home from the breeders house. Baxter was born on April 27, 2018, it all began with yeast infection issues with his ears & skin. It had advanced to Pneumonia, and an upper respiratory infection & soon turned into a diagnosis of early stages of Asthma. Each time we took Baxter in for treatments; we were informed of new information on his medical condition that took a turn. The x-rays showed he had a heart condition on top of him already being sick.

Baxter was taken to an cardiologist (Blue Pearl) where further tests were done. Echocardiogram, Ultrasound of his heart, Doppler. The Diagnosis was gloom, the left side of his heart was enlarged with a hole that may never close. Baxter's health continued  getting worse, he needed to be taken to multiple vets and specialty hospitals for his health conditions. Where extensive testing he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, an autoimmune disorder, his kidney and liver started to be affected at this time.


He was having constant ear infections & yeast infections all over his body. Baxter was 9 months old & his health kept getting worse.  The medications he was being prescribed, & the medical care he was receiving didn't seem to be helping him. At this time I was becoming so desperate I was contacting all vet clinic & vet hospitals in Washington & Oregon to find answers. I took him to anyone that I thought could find the answers to his medical conditions & figure out what was going on with him. I wanted to know why he was so sick, & I wanted diagnosis & treatments to get him better. Baxter went through so many tests, seeing so many specialists trying to find answers & solutions to cure him. I was so devastated I was going to lose Baxter.


Further tests revealed he had meningitis, pancreatitis, Asthma, & bronchitis. Baxter had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks. That was the longest two weeks of my life, I was heart broken, my service animal / best friend was fighting for his life. Summit hospital let me come visit him, & kept me updates through out the whole time he was there. The best hospital I will always recommend them to anyone. They saved his life.


I had Baxter health tested with Embark & GenSol he is positive for being a DM Carrier, multiple Allergies, heart & skin issues.  He was neutered at the age 14 months old. Baxter's hospital/vet bills were over $14,000 for medical care. 


Baxter continues to have health issues, monthly medications & vet visits to keep him with us. He lives a spoiled life with me as my service animal & manger/Supervisor of Majestic DiafanoAngel Boxers Kennel. He is very special to our hearts and he is the reason I started Majestic DiafianoAngel Boxers in his honor to stop careless heartless breeders that produce un-healthy puppies for their own personal greed.


They look past who all suffers when producing un-healthy puppies for their own personal greed to make money off of families. How can they sleep at night knowing they are placing a horrible death sentence on these puppies. Both the puppies & the families suffer from pain & devastation of losing a piece of their family. I made a mission & commitment in honor of Baxter to producing healthy Boxer puppies for your family. We also do our part in the committee to help the shelters by donating, & we do our part by helping rescue boxers that are in need, help rehabilitate them & help place them in approved forever families. 




Baxter 2018 right before being hospitalized at Summit Hospital
9 months old
meningitis, pneumonia


Baxter 2020 


Baxter 2021